5 Movie Horror that Raised from Real Story

Yesterday we talked about "The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel", and now we will discuss about the real stories that have been filmed. Here it is:

1. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

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The film is in the lift of the true story of a girl in Germany who Possessed by the spirit of evil. He must exorcism ritual for 10 months. For more details please read the following article "The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel"

2. The Amityville Horror

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So far, The Amityville Horror is the most scary movie taken from a true story. Starting from a young man prone to drug misuse Ronald DeFeo Jr. (aka "Butch") who slaughtered his entire family on a night 14 November 1974 by using firearms, while members of his family slept, she first fired her father and mother who were sleeping in the their rooms, followed by killing the younger brother. According to police, DeFeo killed his entire family to get some money, but a lot of the issues that Defeo berdar heinous murder was because he heard whispers of the supernatural spirits in the house.

Several years after the incident the incident the family massacre was inhabited by the Lutz family. They discover a secret room which is believed to save the mystery of the DeFeo family murders and shortly afterwards Lutz family fled the house without an obvious reason.

3. The Entity

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This film takes the story of a housewife named Dorris Bither who live with teenage son and two daughters. He often experienced events such as hallucinations and physical disorders. Brian Harris, said Bither teenage son heard his mother slapped, beaten up thrown in the room, he had seen bruises on her thigh, according Bither because the night before she was raped by evil.

The film is from story a mother, Carmen Reed, CNN interviewed about scary stories that happened. Starting in 1980, when Reed and his family occupy an old colonial house in Southington, Connecticut, to be closer to the hospital where he and his 13 year was receiving cancer treatment. Soon after, two nephews joined them at the home they know once a funeral home. Not long before his son started talking about voices heard, including one of the "tall, skinny with long black hair" that often sees every night.

Once he also took his son to a psychiatrist and found her getting darker and darker each day. Until finally he took his son to a mental hospital.

4. An American Hunting

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It is a modern horror film that takes the story from the past. It's began when John Bell Kate Batts land force, which is known to have magic. And after the incident, Bell and her daughter often experience supernatural events, and the worst he had seen his daughter were wounded and admitted her daughter had been raped by intangible beings. In 1886, a historian once wrote about witches Batts is a very well-known in the Presidency Andrwe Jackson. Allegedly, there is the existence of the Bell family.

5. Audrey Rose 1977

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This is one horror film based on a ghost story based on events that allegedly true. The film tells of a girl named Ivy and her family are being terrorized by a mysterious man who believes that Ivy is the reincarnation of his daughter, Audrey Rose, who died in a car accident just a few fiery minutes before Ivy was born (after getting the same answer from two paranormal). What follows is a series of strange events (some are very similar to the one in 'The Exorcist'), including the Ivy having terrible nightmares and burned his hand on the window.

so, that's all, we will discuss the real story next time, thank you very much. .

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