Olympic 2012 Games, An Illuminati Conspiracy?

A new study reveals that during the 2012 Olympics, something very dangerous that might occur that could kill hundreds of thousands of people. Let's talk a bit about it ...

Olympic Games will begin on July 27, 2012, in England, and was released a few conspiracy theories that a crime events can occur during the ceremony. Based on their statements, a nuclear bomb could explode on the day that can cause thousands of casualties. But who is behind this attack? The only answer is the Illuminati, a secret group along with the Freemasons, who have the same goal, to control the world. Let us analyze some important evidence that disasters can actually occur during the Olympics in 2012.

A few days ago, I wrote a post on the famous Illuminati card game that was released in 1995. This card is causing controversy because it is said that some cards do not predict 9/11 attacks. You can read the post here the Illuminati Card Game (1995) exposed. Among the cards, there is one that can describe the Big Ben, and as you can see, has written "Combined Disasters", you might look at the back of Big Ben. With these words "Combined Disasters", we can think of many that any kind of weapon can be used at the 2012 Olympics, but only the appropriate type for this is the nuclear one.

We all know before 9/11 terrorist attacks, the simulations carried out by the CIA in the case of the plane would crash against the World Trade Center buildings. What happened after that? The buildings of the World Trade Center actually attacked by hijacked planes. On the same line of thought, the simulation has been done before July 7, 2005 London attacks in the case of potential terrorist attacks, and again here, the attack actually happened after that! Let us come now to the Olympics in 2012, various types of simulations have been performed, this BBC documentary of illustration, in fact, made ​​no mention of a nuclear bomb could explode, so, it means this will actually happen at the 2012 Olympic games? Such predictions of the future?

Source (Google Images)

The stadium which will have the Olympic games in 2012, "Olympic Stadium" consists of a strange design, such as headlights that are in a triangular shape, much like the "All Seeing Eye" of the Illuminati symbol. In addition, the opening will be unique, the theme is "Towards the English countryside", there will be animals, grass, farmers, such as in the countryside, if you analyze it well, is the theme of which depicts Noah's Ark Noah collect all the creatures because of flooding? Is there a theme or a sign of a hidden message?

The 2012 Olympic logo is another aspect that has been studied by conspiracy theories. If you read well, can consist of a hidden message, "Zion" of Zionism said. We are also able to detect the strange eyes, as a symbol of the Illuminati. Mascot also has an eye, and we can also see the two small horns.

Many other signs and research has shown that the 2012 Olympic games can be a black day, with a series of explosions, death and more. What do you think will happen?

Illuminati Card Great Controversy!

Since I was researching more about the Illuminati, a secret society that has a goal to establish a New World Order (NWO) and to control the entire world, here I will write a post on the Illuminati Card Game was released in 1995. Believe me, some of the stunning revelations in it that might surprise you ...

The game was created by Steve Jackson Games, the founder is Steve Jackson. The film was released in 1995, and the goal of the game is to fight for the world of secret societies. It is said that Steve Jackson was inspired by a novel to make this game. You can play card games with your friends, but not more than 8 players are recommended. Can be said that most similar to Monopoly. At that time, the game is not particularly contentious among conspiracy theorists, because it looks just like a normal game even includes the concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order (NWO). However, after 9/11 terrorist attacks (which have been carried out by the Illuminati conspiracy theory), more research has been done on a secret group to discover the evidence if it really was behind this attack or not, and of course, as you know , a conspiracy theorist will try it out maximum effort and intelligence while doing research to get the results, thus, this game has also been analyzed. Here are some cards that caused great controversy

Illuminati Card Game Illustrating Hollywood (Source: Google Images)

There is nothing suspicious in the above cards depicting Hollywood, but according to conspiracy theorists, with a second Hollywood film and music industry is controlled by the Illuminati. Even the famous actor is not afraid to express their beliefs as Tom Cruise and actor, for his belief in Scientology. Some films are said to have hidden messages of the Illuminati and illustrations. Ok, let's look at another card below ...

Illuminati Card Game Illustrating Twin Towers (Source: Google Images)

What about it? If you can already guess what the building in the picture, you will be surprised! Yes, they seem to be the Twin Towers, burning in the fire. Now the question is, how the game can come back in 1995? And describes the Twin Towers in the explosion? Well, you might say this is a coincidence, but, it could be like "hidden predictions of the future".
Let's look at the other ....

Illuminati Card Game Illustrating Pentagon (Source: Google Images)

Now the Pentagon in flames, and the Pentagon also does not deal with terrorist attacks on 9/11 (9 November). So, once again happen to like the picture above the Twin Towers?
Illuminati Card Game (Source: Google Images)

Above that might interest you too much because you probably will not guess the building in the picture. Anyway, this building could be a Big Ben in England, if you do a search on the web, the theory has been made that the Illuminati can be attacked London this year (2012), and you know, the Olympics are scheduled this year in this country. On the card it says "Joint disaster", and some theories that say the Illuminati can use nuclear weapons for this if it is really building in the picture is Big Ben, well, we do not yet know, whether true or not!

So readers, here are some strange things in the Illuminati card game! It is still controversial, this game is to predict whether or not the reality. This game has hundreds and hundreds of cards, but I decided to include only these 4 above. On other days I'll add a few cards from this game. Hidden messages and coded with a symbol often used by the Illuminati to transmit information or warnings. Now, it's up to you to believe it, analyze it or not, I just post this article as a passionate researcher in the world of the paranormal, mystery and conspiracy.

Mary Kennedy Found Dead!! They Say Suicide But I think Murder or Illuminati Sacrifices

This is news from abc 7 (eyewitness news 7) on youtube

Popular Ghost in the World Part #1

Ghost is a supernatural being believed by people who live. Many of the names and kinds of ghosts. Some people believe that he had seen a ghost.

maybe this is just part of what I know, you can add some comments

There are 13 kinds of the most famous ghost in the country of Indonesia

  • Pocong

(Source: Google Images)

It's one of the rather famous ghosts in Indonesia, this ghost can exist anywhere, could be in the grave, banana trees, durian orchard, hospitals, and in many other places. The myth of Pocong in Indonesia, pocong the spirits of dead people who are not removed shroud rope when buried. In a horror movie pocong usually manifest themselves by jumping up and down, whereas according to the actual myth pocong can fly to manifest themselves.

  • Kuntilanak
(Source: Google Images)

Next ghost is kuntilanak. This ghost is sometimes manifest themselves as beautiful women, but its form is actually very scary. The myth, kuntilanak materialize because he still has a grudge and he will repay evil person who had hurt him a life time. The food is a baby, but she also likes to suck blood.

  • Sundel Bolong
(Source: Google Images)

Being a ghost is the same like kuntilanak, long hair, dressed in white overalls, too. It's just what the name says it sundel bolong (bolong = hole), she has a hole on the back exactly on her back. These ghosts exist due to death in pregnant or have children in the grave.

  • Wewe Gombel
(Source: Google Images)

Ghost is almost equal to kuntilanak and sundel bolong, it's just a ghost that is far more sinister than the above two ghosts. When viewed from the physical appearance has Wewe Gombel busty breast. Wewe gombel usually kidnap a child, but he did not injure the child. Children who are abducted children who are neglected or not addressed with their parents. So wewe gombel just wants her parents noticed their children.

  • Tuyul
(Source: Google Images)

Tuyul is like a ghost in the form of a dwarf, but he was bald and bare-chested.
tuyul exploited by malicious people to steal money and duty to his employer.

  • Jelangkung
(Source: Google Images)

This ghost is a ghost who called someone, he will answer what is asked by the caller. But if he had come, he will return in accordance with their desire. This is the mantra which is believed to call spirits Jelangkung:
"Jelangkung Jelangkung, disini ada pesta kecil-kecilan datang tak dijemput pulang tak diantar"
"Jelangkung Jelangkung, here there is little party was picked up coming back not delivered"

  • Genderuwo
(Source: Google Images)
(Source: Google Images)

Genderuwo ghost jin is still included in the descent, shaped like a big gorilla, his body is also full of thick hair.
This well-known spooky creatures and normally on daerah2 forests, mountains, valleys.

  • Leak
(Source: Google Images)

According to myth in Bali, this leak means a wicked witch, "Le" mean witch "Ak" means evil. Evenings are usually leak in the grave for human organs. This leak can turn into a tiger, lion, etc..

  • Rangda
(Source: Google Images)

Rangda is also still myths of Bali, Rangda is the queen of that daunting leak. According to the legend of Rangda is consuming a small child a boy or a boy child, because this is a woman Rangda. Rangda means widows who have long nails, irregular teeth out, and long curly hair.

  • Kuyang
(Source: Google Images)

This Kuyang stealth legend of borneo, actually not a ghost but a man who has the magic. His form is a human head with a menggangutung organs without skin. She likes to eat a baby boy. Kuyang This is a woman who wants to get kencantikan.

  • Palasik
(Source: Google Images)

This legend of the phantom Palasik minangkabau, palasik was a man who had black magic. He is equally Rangda and kuyang, like to eat baby boy either already dead or alive.

  • Parakang
(Source: Google Images)

Differ slightly with palasik, parakang is typical stealth makassar. Moitosnya kuyang and palasik, but is not particularly lust parakang baby boy. She likes anal ama sick. Parakang weirdness that makes him different is almost dead. When he was nearly dead parakang always mention the word "Lemba" over and over again, which means "move", he can not die until a family member who agrees. According to legend in makassar parakang is punishment for their fathers who abuse their black magic.

  • Poppo '
(Source: Google Images)

Poppo 'does not eat the anus, in love with the stomach contents but she did not eat, he just save for a collection. According to the story, poppo 'will manifest themselves as beautiful women naked.

Heaven and Hell

(Source: Google Images)
heaven is a beautiful place with beautiful maidens

hell is a place so horrible, filled with embers and sharp thorns are used to punish those who sinned.

(Source: Google Images)
in all religions are required to behave well towards each other, and run the commands in the holy book in order to get into heaven, but not everyone understands what is described in the holy book, so according to what is written in their holy books will be put into hell to facing tortures.

Are there people who really know and understand about heaven and hell?
Did you know it too?

Offerings from Best Friend Part#1

Ok, now I've got a story, perhaps in just a glance at this blog, because this is the true story of one of my friends.

I have a friend, he is someone who is tenacious, hardworking and smart talk.

let's start the story ...

his name is jhon (not his real name), he is the fourth of five brothers and sisters.
he have two older brothers and an older sister, not only that, he had a younger brother. at the time the two older brothers are migrated to other city to earn money and a decent life for the father, mother and his younger brothers and sisters.

Jhon school at vocational school, Because his family could not afford to pay for school if she went to university. The hope of his family is jhon able to work after graduating from the vocational school.

When the first brother's return from Oher city, it is time to face jhon real life in this duia. Jhon eventually went to work at a store that had just stood. Jhon is on customer service, he was in bagia cashier, but sometimes there are some employees do not enter the warehouse for a reason, jhon finally replace their jobs. With her ​​little body is not able to lift heavy items, such as. Monthly income did not increase if he is doing the work of the warehouse. After several months he worked at the store, he feels his needs and their families can not be fulfilled. Not only that, his body feel sick all.

Finally, after conferring with his brother first moved to work in a big car companies. Problem will not end here, this is the beginning of the problem to be faced. John is none other than a new worker, he simply regarded as experimental workers in their place of employment, three months is a requirement to become permanent workers there. At the time of his probation jhon disease. And he did not come to work for 1 week, finally his requirement period plus with 3 months, how unfair, I think. What do you think?

Top 10 Famous Singers In Illuminati

Below is a list of famous singers are said to be members of the Illuminati. You already know this singer, and I'm sure you listen to them, and they received the Illuminati to achieve fame and money. Their lyrics, the way they dress, and their gestures, expressed their wish to send a message to their fans devil, because they know, it is the right way to brainwash millions of people!

* Note: Remember, according to conspiracy theorists, this famous singer is said to be a member of the Illuminati. I'm just writing this post as normal paranormal investigators based on some research I did on the web! I do not know if they really are members of the Illuminati! It's up to you to believe it or not, I just give my opinion!


Jay-z said to be a devil worshiper and member of the Illuminati. In many interviews, he denied that he was a member, but the researchers revealed that the song that contains the address code of the message to the devil, and some of the messages in songs promoting Satanism is if we play them back. In concert, he often makes signs and gestures to the Illuminati (see below):
Jay-Z Doing A Illuminati Symbol (Source: Google Images)
Jay-Z Illuminati Shirt
Jay-Z Illuminati Shirt (Source: Google Images)
Another famous rapper who seems to be in Illuminati. His song “Not Afraid” is said to be directly involved Illuminati, and it may seem he is fighting against this secret society now but conspiracy theorists reject this concept as in his album “Recovery”, you may see on the cover there is a triangle behind him and other elements to prove he is still in it including the lyrics.
eminem illuminati necklace
Eminem Wearing An Illuminati Symbol Necklace (Source: Google Images)
eminem illuminati eye
Eminem Doing Illuminati Symbol On His Album “Recovery” (Source: Google Images)
For me, no doubt she is being controlled by the Illuminati! Madonna is a controversial pop singer, she has been subjected in many controversies in her concert. Some of her concerts really promote the devil, as she often uses religions in her attacks.
madonna illuminati
Madonna Doing The Baphomet Sign (Source: Google Images)
madonna antichrist
Madonna In Satanic Mode (Source: Google Images)
Another one who may be in Illuminati. Again here, based on her gestures she often does, conspiracy theorists argue she forms part as other singers.
Rihanna Illuminati Eye
Rihanna Doing Illuminati Eye Gesture (Source: Google Images)
Rihanna Satanic Sign
Rihanna Doing Satanic Sign (Source: Google Images)
Same like Jay-Z, Kanye West is said to be in Freemason society, his lyrics contain secret and coded messages to promote Satanism. He and Jay-Z are the two most male singers who have been criticized by conspiracy theorists.
kanye west illuminiati
Kanye West Wearing A Illuminati Symbol Ring (Source: Google Images)
kanye west devil
Kanye West In Devil Figure (Source: Google Images)
How can someone shave her head, hears some voices and thinks she is possessed? Perhaps she has a mental problem but no, it is said that the devil is playing with her. Britney Spears did have a background image on her Twitter which consisted of Illuminati symbol, and did claim she wants the New World Order  (NWO) as far as possible.
britney spears twitter illuminati
Britney Spears Twitter Account Promoting Illuminati (Source: Google Images)
Illuminati Britney Spears
Message Of Britney Spears On Twitter (Source: Google Images)
An interview on her, perhaps by Rolling Stones if I am not mistaken, revealed that she had a Satanic dream where she saw a girl suffering tied with a rope in a room, and the devil said to her, if she wants her family to stop suffering, she has to cut her wrist, which Lady Gaga found weird. As you see, she wanted to fight against the devil but has she? No! She is a second Madonna in the world of pop, controversial, wore meat dress, use Satanic gestures and signs etc…in her concerts and album…and you know very well, promotes sex!
lady gaga illuminati
Lady Gaga Doing Illuminati Symbol (Source: Google Images)
Lady Gaga Meat Dress
Lady Gaga In Meat Dress (Source: Google Images)
This has not been confirmed yet, but a rumor is on the web saying that the true Justin Bieber has died in an accident, and Illuminati replaced him with another one! Well, this is funny, but who knows, the real Justin or fake can be in Illuminati. He is an extremely famous singer, most girls fall on him, this is why he is being criticized everywhere on the internet by mostly males.
justin bieber illuminati
Justin Bieber Doing Illuminati Symbol (Source: Google Images)
justin bieber satan
Justin Bieber Doing Satanic Sign (Source: Google Images)
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is another famous rapper and RnB singer. Just like the others, conspiracy theorists argue he may be a part of Illuminati. A rumor argues that Snoop Dog wanted to be Muslim later, perhaps to escape Illuminati, but I do not think this is true! However, Snoop Dogg claimed he sold his soul to the devil.
    Source: Google Images
Katy Perry
She mentioned it in an interview, she sold her soul to the devil for money and popularity. Katy Perry is also said to be a devil worshiper and in Illuminati.
There are 13 line in right side,,.

Well, many singers have warned us about secret organizations and societies and so on… Tupac for instance, warned us, and I did write a post on him where it may be he is not dead. His last album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” speaks about Illuminati a lot in coded messages and  he predicted to expect him, he will come back just like Jesus. Many people and photographers saw him in Cuba and New Zealand. We have also Michael Jackson, who talked about secret societies in a speech, his family revealed, he used to say that he is going to be killed, and verily, Michael Jackson has left us. Finally, Whitney Houston, conspiracy theorists and researchers are claiming she was killed by the Illuminati as well!
What do you think you readers? Has the music industry invaded by Illuminati? Sometimes when we see things, they do show the reality! There are also other famous singers who are said to be members.
It is up to you to believe or not…

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel (real story)

(Source: Google Images)

Anneliese Michel, was born on 21 September 1952 in Klingenberg, Bavaria, Germany. Her family is a devout Catholic and Michel brought up strictly. Because the religious upbringing of a tight family, Michel often pray for the elimination of sin - sin as she had experienced addiction to drugs.

The Strange Origins Symptoms Experienced by Anneliese michel

(Source: Google Images)

In 1968, when Michel was in high school, she suffered a seizure - a seizure. Some of her friends argued that Michel had Epilepsy. At that time, a neurologist at a psychiatric clinic suffering from Wurzburg diagnosed Miichel Gran Mal Epilepsy.

After the incident, Michel hallucinations while praying. She admitted that she often heard a voice saying that she had been condemned. In 1973, Michel severely depressed and suicidal intent. Her behavior became increasingly bizarre, she had ripped her own clothes, ate coal and profits - profits on the floor, and even drank her own urine. Sometimes, she suddenly screamed hysterically - arrived, and barking like a dog.

In 1975, her parents believe that her daughter was possessed by spirits. They then try other ways to cure Michel, with the ritual of exorcism or so-called exorcist.

People Know That the First-Michel have been possessed

People who first know that Michel was possessed by demons was an older woman who accompanied Michel when he made a pilgrimage. She was aware of the rarity of self-Michel when Michel has repeatedly avoided when passing through the paintings of Jesus. Michel also declined when given the holy water of the fountain. The woman also said that she felt a different aura when it is near Michel.

(Source: Google Images)

A shaman from the nearby town examined Michel. She concluded that Michel has indeed been possessed by evil spirits. Parents are asked Michel exorcism ritual to charlatan, quack, but it refused. Finally, they asked for help from the local bishop.

Who Perform Ritual Expulsion of Evil Spirit?

Michel parents who are desperate and asking for help to heal a Bishop Michel. Bishop named Joseph Stangl was later assigned two priests, Father Arnold Renz and the Reverend Ernst Alt. Both were commissioned by the Bishop to perform the ritual of the expulsion of Anneliese Michel.

(Source: Google Images)

Ritual Exorcist priest who conducted the second is based on "Rituale Romanum" in accordance with the law yangberlaku Cannon in the 17th century (I do not know the intent of the law Cannon). Father Arnold Renz is former missionary in China, while the Rev. Ernst was an ordinary priest in the place of origin.

They both do the ritual exorcism of Anneliese Michel for 10 months, which consisted of 67 sessions. Every week, sometimes one or two sessions performed ritual. Some sessions lasted even up to 4 hours.

Did Anneliese Looking At The figure of Satan In The Surrounding?

According to The Washington Post, Anneliese started seeing a demon in every person he saw when he started having strange symptoms above. This may explain why it came Anneliese often hysterically - to arrive.
Even the minister was convinced that since they perform the ritual expulsion, the spirit that possessed Anneliese Anneliese further aggravate the situation.

Then, the Spirit of Evil what possessed Anneliese?

Anneliese himself told two priests, that there are some spirits that possessed him now. He says there are spirits Judas Iscariot, Adolf Hitler, Nero, Cain, Fleischmann, and the most powerful, is Lucifer. He also mentioned that the dark side of him also possessed.

Both pastors are often faced with even the Lucifer spirits who refuse to come out of the body of Anneliese. They say that this is the spirit who most difficult to deal with that.

Is This the Spirit Ritual Expulsion Impact Anneliese's body?

Anneliese had undergone 67 sessions exorcism ritual for 10 months. During that time, Anneliese suffered some damage in the body. Have ruptured ligaments in her knee, leg paralysis as well, so that when - when certain parents Michel helped.

(Source: Google Images)

On July 1, 1976, Anneliese Michel was found to have died. According to the autopsy, Michel died of severe dehydration and malnutrition. Before her death, Michel has always refused to eat. He believed that her actions would be hastened her death, and that one - the only way to ward off spirits - evil spirits who were possessed. Of course, this makes her parents very sad. Before her death, Anneliese had uttered - the last word "Beg for Absolution", is addressed to the priest who had tried to help, and to her mother he said: "Mother, I'm Afraid."

Why did Anneliese Michel was possessed by the Spirit - the Spirit of Evil?

There has been no definitive information about the cause of Michel was possessed by the spirit - the spirit. She was a religious woman, so also with her family. It's just that, four years before Anneliese was born, her mother gave birth to a child of her affair named Martha. When Anneliese was a child, Michel mother encouraged him to do penance for sins committed by her mother first. Reverend sure, this is a major cause of Anneliese was possessed by the spirit - the spirit. "This should not happen. It is the sacrifice of a son to her mother", said Pastor Ernst.

Controversies in Law

In any case, the law still applies in the case of Anneliese. The local court sentenced him to six months probation last sentence of the second pastor and family Anneliese. The charge was considered to hinder their medical efforts to help to Anneliese. However, a lawyer defending them because they feel what the families and the pastors had been an attempt to heal Anneliese.

Mystic Of Religius Symbol

We often find symbols around us, there are many symbols that we do not understand, I will write some of the religion symbol in the world

* Note: Not all mystical and religious symbol has been entered, you can suggest some of as comments, thanks!


Ankh Symbol

The ancient Egyptians were among the most mysterious civilizations in our world, as you know, they are extremely different from their way of life than with another civilization in that era. They have all kinds of gods, ritual, prayer, without forgetting the symbol to represent a particular faith. Among them the famous symbol is used, there Ankh is also known as the key to life. This symbol is widely used during a ritual, in the cemetery or to represent the god. Pharaoh is often put on special occasions. One important thing is that to this day, we do not know the real concept of this symbol

Cross (Christian)

Cross (Christian) Symbol [Source: Google image]

We all know that the Christian cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This symbol is the most commonly used and is present in our world, in fact, it is the most used by people in a religious concept. Christian crosses are also present in the tombs, churches, and etc. ... The important thing here is, we often find that the cross is designed similar to the Christian cross, but in context, they are different.

Celtic cross

Celtic cross Symbol [Source: Google image]

Celtic cross is a little different than the Christian cross and introduced into a different concept than the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Well, the Christian cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as stated earlier and we also use the Celtic cross to represent Christianity unless he introduced differently than the first. Usually, it is said that the Celtic cross is derived by Saint Patrick, to make an idol realize the importance of cross-related in the Christian faith. As I mentioned, this concept is the same as the Christian cross, but was designed and introduced differently. We found him in church, necklaces, tattoos, grave, and so like the Christian cross.

Saint Peter’s Cross

Saint Peter’s Cross Symbol [Source: Google image]

A religious symbol for some people but controversial for others, the cross of Saint Peter, also known as inverted cross. I'm sure you've seen this sort of cross somewhere, perhaps in a video clip or Gothic rock concerts such as Marilyn Man is used as a cover on his album Antichrist Superstar (1996). Inverted cross produces a negative image of the Christian cross to many people because it gives the perception that you are opposed to Christ to Satan. We must not forget that Christian symbols used to represent the old, anti-Christ concept recently introduced in the 19th century. This symbol is also present in the church today. I do not know what the Vatican thinks about this symbol, but it seems that some religious people say we should not at all associated with Satanism as there is no evil in it if we use it like this, however, to represent an inverted Christian cross with Christ on it is considered not polite.

Eye of Providence 

Eye of Providence Symbol [Source: Google image]

The Eye of Providence also known as Eye of God, to illustrate that God is watching us all the time. This symbol is often used in the Christian trinity and you'll find in Freemasonry as well. Americans will know this better as a symbol used to represent the Great Seal of the United States, and last, is often used to represent the concept of the New World Order.


Caduceus Symbol [Source: Google image]

Perhaps you have noticed on the drug packaging or painted at the drug store because the Caduceus is used to represent the medical field. However, the origin of Caduceus from Greek mythology, who described the staff carried by Hermes. Additionally, this symbol is also used in the occult and alchemy.

Allah's name

Allah's name[Source: Google image]

Allah means 'God' in Arabic, and is used by Muslims. Allah's name is also used by Christians and Jews in Islamic countries in their respective holy books. According to Islam, no one has seen God, and you can not associate anything with Allah. Thus, Muslims use this name as a symbol to represent God. Allah's name is also used by the pagans, but they are associated with the worship of idols, and so on before the advent of the Islamic era.


Aum Symbol [Source: Google image]

Written in Sanskrit, Aum is a sacred syllable in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. No doubt is one of the most popular symbols that you can find today. We often say it in a sacred ritual, prayer and meditation. People often say Aum when they meditate.


Swastika Symbol [Source: Google image]

Derived from the Indus civilization Swastika, Swastika used in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. According to Hindu religion, is classified among hundreds of symbols to represent the Sun of God Vishnu. In Buddhism, it is said to be tattooed on the chest of the Buddha and in Jainism, it is the seventh holy. Swastika can be either right or left hand. Personally, I have heard that if the swastika is a left-facing, it is considered a crime (if someone knows Swastika well, please tell me if it's true or legend). This symbol is also used by the Nazis to promote the rule.


Dharmachkra Symbol [Source: Google image]

Dharmachakra is widely used by Buddhists to represent the teaching to the right path, in other words Dharma. Chakra is a symbol known as the Wheel of Law.

Star of David

Star of David Symbol [Source: Google image]

Star of David represents Judaism. To this day, we still do not know the actual origin, why it is described as a star symbol. You can find it in places like the Jewish synagogues, etc. ... as well as on the flag.


Taijitu Symbol [Source: Google image]

Sometimes it represents a symbol of peace but Taijitu is to represent the Chinese symbol Taiji, or if you are more familiar with the Yin and Yang. This symbol is also found in the Roman and Celtic civilization.


Pentagram Symbol [Source: Google image]

Pentagram comes from the Greek civilization, today, it is a crime and is also used by Wiccans. This pentagram is sometimes used in the occult, or when performing magic. This does not mean that the Pentagram symbol entirely bad, do not forget to trust others use it to promote the good. The Pagans in their day, Freemasonry still use it, even Christians use it in a certain period. The concept of crimes related to Pentagram began in 1960 in which Anton LaVey, a Satanist who called forth in his books and the Bible Satan Pentagram Sigil of Baphomet which can be referred to as a fallen angel, a symbol of rebellion or crime-related concepts. Furthermore, he introduced a new design that's where you'll find the goat-head included in the Pentagram. In addition, you can find a pentagram on the flag as the flag of Morocco, the political symbols, etc ...

Zodiac Symbols

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Zodiac Symbols [Source: Google image]

As you know, there are 12 main astrological signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra. Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. You find them in the daily newspapers.

Square and Compass 

Square and Compass Symbol [Source: Google image]

Square and Compass symbol of Freemasonry represents. I do not know why they use these symbols, after researching a bit, I have found that they used to teach his followers a code of conduct.

Star and Crescent 

Star and Crescent Symbol [Source: Google image]

Star and Crescent symbol has been used for a long time, especially in the Mediterranean area. You'll find them in some flag states such as Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and others ... Some Muslim countries are often put these symbols in the mosque as a decoration, etc. ...

Note : if there are errors the authors explain this please give suggestions on the comments