Offerings from Best Friend Part#1

Ok, now I've got a story, perhaps in just a glance at this blog, because this is the true story of one of my friends.

I have a friend, he is someone who is tenacious, hardworking and smart talk.

let's start the story ...

his name is jhon (not his real name), he is the fourth of five brothers and sisters.
he have two older brothers and an older sister, not only that, he had a younger brother. at the time the two older brothers are migrated to other city to earn money and a decent life for the father, mother and his younger brothers and sisters.

Jhon school at vocational school, Because his family could not afford to pay for school if she went to university. The hope of his family is jhon able to work after graduating from the vocational school.

When the first brother's return from Oher city, it is time to face jhon real life in this duia. Jhon eventually went to work at a store that had just stood. Jhon is on customer service, he was in bagia cashier, but sometimes there are some employees do not enter the warehouse for a reason, jhon finally replace their jobs. With her ​​little body is not able to lift heavy items, such as. Monthly income did not increase if he is doing the work of the warehouse. After several months he worked at the store, he feels his needs and their families can not be fulfilled. Not only that, his body feel sick all.

Finally, after conferring with his brother first moved to work in a big car companies. Problem will not end here, this is the beginning of the problem to be faced. John is none other than a new worker, he simply regarded as experimental workers in their place of employment, three months is a requirement to become permanent workers there. At the time of his probation jhon disease. And he did not come to work for 1 week, finally his requirement period plus with 3 months, how unfair, I think. What do you think?

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