Illuminati Card Great Controversy!

Since I was researching more about the Illuminati, a secret society that has a goal to establish a New World Order (NWO) and to control the entire world, here I will write a post on the Illuminati Card Game was released in 1995. Believe me, some of the stunning revelations in it that might surprise you ...

The game was created by Steve Jackson Games, the founder is Steve Jackson. The film was released in 1995, and the goal of the game is to fight for the world of secret societies. It is said that Steve Jackson was inspired by a novel to make this game. You can play card games with your friends, but not more than 8 players are recommended. Can be said that most similar to Monopoly. At that time, the game is not particularly contentious among conspiracy theorists, because it looks just like a normal game even includes the concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order (NWO). However, after 9/11 terrorist attacks (which have been carried out by the Illuminati conspiracy theory), more research has been done on a secret group to discover the evidence if it really was behind this attack or not, and of course, as you know , a conspiracy theorist will try it out maximum effort and intelligence while doing research to get the results, thus, this game has also been analyzed. Here are some cards that caused great controversy

Illuminati Card Game Illustrating Hollywood (Source: Google Images)

There is nothing suspicious in the above cards depicting Hollywood, but according to conspiracy theorists, with a second Hollywood film and music industry is controlled by the Illuminati. Even the famous actor is not afraid to express their beliefs as Tom Cruise and actor, for his belief in Scientology. Some films are said to have hidden messages of the Illuminati and illustrations. Ok, let's look at another card below ...

Illuminati Card Game Illustrating Twin Towers (Source: Google Images)

What about it? If you can already guess what the building in the picture, you will be surprised! Yes, they seem to be the Twin Towers, burning in the fire. Now the question is, how the game can come back in 1995? And describes the Twin Towers in the explosion? Well, you might say this is a coincidence, but, it could be like "hidden predictions of the future".
Let's look at the other ....

Illuminati Card Game Illustrating Pentagon (Source: Google Images)

Now the Pentagon in flames, and the Pentagon also does not deal with terrorist attacks on 9/11 (9 November). So, once again happen to like the picture above the Twin Towers?
Illuminati Card Game (Source: Google Images)

Above that might interest you too much because you probably will not guess the building in the picture. Anyway, this building could be a Big Ben in England, if you do a search on the web, the theory has been made that the Illuminati can be attacked London this year (2012), and you know, the Olympics are scheduled this year in this country. On the card it says "Joint disaster", and some theories that say the Illuminati can use nuclear weapons for this if it is really building in the picture is Big Ben, well, we do not yet know, whether true or not!

So readers, here are some strange things in the Illuminati card game! It is still controversial, this game is to predict whether or not the reality. This game has hundreds and hundreds of cards, but I decided to include only these 4 above. On other days I'll add a few cards from this game. Hidden messages and coded with a symbol often used by the Illuminati to transmit information or warnings. Now, it's up to you to believe it, analyze it or not, I just post this article as a passionate researcher in the world of the paranormal, mystery and conspiracy.

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