Olympic 2012 Games, An Illuminati Conspiracy?

A new study reveals that during the 2012 Olympics, something very dangerous that might occur that could kill hundreds of thousands of people. Let's talk a bit about it ...

Olympic Games will begin on July 27, 2012, in England, and was released a few conspiracy theories that a crime events can occur during the ceremony. Based on their statements, a nuclear bomb could explode on the day that can cause thousands of casualties. But who is behind this attack? The only answer is the Illuminati, a secret group along with the Freemasons, who have the same goal, to control the world. Let us analyze some important evidence that disasters can actually occur during the Olympics in 2012.

A few days ago, I wrote a post on the famous Illuminati card game that was released in 1995. This card is causing controversy because it is said that some cards do not predict 9/11 attacks. You can read the post here the Illuminati Card Game (1995) exposed. Among the cards, there is one that can describe the Big Ben, and as you can see, has written "Combined Disasters", you might look at the back of Big Ben. With these words "Combined Disasters", we can think of many that any kind of weapon can be used at the 2012 Olympics, but only the appropriate type for this is the nuclear one.

We all know before 9/11 terrorist attacks, the simulations carried out by the CIA in the case of the plane would crash against the World Trade Center buildings. What happened after that? The buildings of the World Trade Center actually attacked by hijacked planes. On the same line of thought, the simulation has been done before July 7, 2005 London attacks in the case of potential terrorist attacks, and again here, the attack actually happened after that! Let us come now to the Olympics in 2012, various types of simulations have been performed, this BBC documentary of illustration, in fact, made ​​no mention of a nuclear bomb could explode, so, it means this will actually happen at the 2012 Olympic games? Such predictions of the future?

Source (Google Images)

The stadium which will have the Olympic games in 2012, "Olympic Stadium" consists of a strange design, such as headlights that are in a triangular shape, much like the "All Seeing Eye" of the Illuminati symbol. In addition, the opening will be unique, the theme is "Towards the English countryside", there will be animals, grass, farmers, such as in the countryside, if you analyze it well, is the theme of which depicts Noah's Ark Noah collect all the creatures because of flooding? Is there a theme or a sign of a hidden message?

The 2012 Olympic logo is another aspect that has been studied by conspiracy theories. If you read well, can consist of a hidden message, "Zion" of Zionism said. We are also able to detect the strange eyes, as a symbol of the Illuminati. Mascot also has an eye, and we can also see the two small horns.

Many other signs and research has shown that the 2012 Olympic games can be a black day, with a series of explosions, death and more. What do you think will happen?

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