The Mystery About Bermuda

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, it has become a classic story for a long time. Keitka there was a ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle or other mysteries.

  In the map, the location of the island of Bermuda is located in the region linking the three regions, namely the region between territorial Bermuda Britain as a point on the north, Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States as a point on the south and Miami, the state of Florida, United States of America as the point at west

Among the alleged mystery diantaranaya:

Hilagnya a ship

In the year 1840 was marked by the loss of the ship HMS Rosalie followed the Mary Celeste in 1872 until 1918 hilanya USS Cyclops and many more ships lost there.

The loss of an aircraft
Year 1945 is a story of mystery disappearance of an American bomber which allegedly disappeared with astonishing situation on the island of Bermuda. Then dikirimlah team to save the plane, but also mysteriously vanished.

In 1952 followed the story of the loss of British York transport plane lost 33 passengers. Followed by the 1962 U.S. Air Force KB 5 - tanker was gone without a trace. Last story is the loss of 5000 people over with 200 ships and 150 aircraft disappeared

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