Top 10 Famous Singers In Illuminati

Below is a list of famous singers are said to be members of the Illuminati. You already know this singer, and I'm sure you listen to them, and they received the Illuminati to achieve fame and money. Their lyrics, the way they dress, and their gestures, expressed their wish to send a message to their fans devil, because they know, it is the right way to brainwash millions of people!

* Note: Remember, according to conspiracy theorists, this famous singer is said to be a member of the Illuminati. I'm just writing this post as normal paranormal investigators based on some research I did on the web! I do not know if they really are members of the Illuminati! It's up to you to believe it or not, I just give my opinion!


Jay-z said to be a devil worshiper and member of the Illuminati. In many interviews, he denied that he was a member, but the researchers revealed that the song that contains the address code of the message to the devil, and some of the messages in songs promoting Satanism is if we play them back. In concert, he often makes signs and gestures to the Illuminati (see below):
Jay-Z Doing A Illuminati Symbol (Source: Google Images)
Jay-Z Illuminati Shirt
Jay-Z Illuminati Shirt (Source: Google Images)
Another famous rapper who seems to be in Illuminati. His song “Not Afraid” is said to be directly involved Illuminati, and it may seem he is fighting against this secret society now but conspiracy theorists reject this concept as in his album “Recovery”, you may see on the cover there is a triangle behind him and other elements to prove he is still in it including the lyrics.
eminem illuminati necklace
Eminem Wearing An Illuminati Symbol Necklace (Source: Google Images)
eminem illuminati eye
Eminem Doing Illuminati Symbol On His Album “Recovery” (Source: Google Images)
For me, no doubt she is being controlled by the Illuminati! Madonna is a controversial pop singer, she has been subjected in many controversies in her concert. Some of her concerts really promote the devil, as she often uses religions in her attacks.
madonna illuminati
Madonna Doing The Baphomet Sign (Source: Google Images)
madonna antichrist
Madonna In Satanic Mode (Source: Google Images)
Another one who may be in Illuminati. Again here, based on her gestures she often does, conspiracy theorists argue she forms part as other singers.
Rihanna Illuminati Eye
Rihanna Doing Illuminati Eye Gesture (Source: Google Images)
Rihanna Satanic Sign
Rihanna Doing Satanic Sign (Source: Google Images)
Same like Jay-Z, Kanye West is said to be in Freemason society, his lyrics contain secret and coded messages to promote Satanism. He and Jay-Z are the two most male singers who have been criticized by conspiracy theorists.
kanye west illuminiati
Kanye West Wearing A Illuminati Symbol Ring (Source: Google Images)
kanye west devil
Kanye West In Devil Figure (Source: Google Images)
How can someone shave her head, hears some voices and thinks she is possessed? Perhaps she has a mental problem but no, it is said that the devil is playing with her. Britney Spears did have a background image on her Twitter which consisted of Illuminati symbol, and did claim she wants the New World Order  (NWO) as far as possible.
britney spears twitter illuminati
Britney Spears Twitter Account Promoting Illuminati (Source: Google Images)
Illuminati Britney Spears
Message Of Britney Spears On Twitter (Source: Google Images)
An interview on her, perhaps by Rolling Stones if I am not mistaken, revealed that she had a Satanic dream where she saw a girl suffering tied with a rope in a room, and the devil said to her, if she wants her family to stop suffering, she has to cut her wrist, which Lady Gaga found weird. As you see, she wanted to fight against the devil but has she? No! She is a second Madonna in the world of pop, controversial, wore meat dress, use Satanic gestures and signs etc…in her concerts and album…and you know very well, promotes sex!
lady gaga illuminati
Lady Gaga Doing Illuminati Symbol (Source: Google Images)
Lady Gaga Meat Dress
Lady Gaga In Meat Dress (Source: Google Images)
This has not been confirmed yet, but a rumor is on the web saying that the true Justin Bieber has died in an accident, and Illuminati replaced him with another one! Well, this is funny, but who knows, the real Justin or fake can be in Illuminati. He is an extremely famous singer, most girls fall on him, this is why he is being criticized everywhere on the internet by mostly males.
justin bieber illuminati
Justin Bieber Doing Illuminati Symbol (Source: Google Images)
justin bieber satan
Justin Bieber Doing Satanic Sign (Source: Google Images)
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is another famous rapper and RnB singer. Just like the others, conspiracy theorists argue he may be a part of Illuminati. A rumor argues that Snoop Dog wanted to be Muslim later, perhaps to escape Illuminati, but I do not think this is true! However, Snoop Dogg claimed he sold his soul to the devil.
    Source: Google Images
Katy Perry
She mentioned it in an interview, she sold her soul to the devil for money and popularity. Katy Perry is also said to be a devil worshiper and in Illuminati.
There are 13 line in right side,,.

Well, many singers have warned us about secret organizations and societies and so on… Tupac for instance, warned us, and I did write a post on him where it may be he is not dead. His last album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” speaks about Illuminati a lot in coded messages and  he predicted to expect him, he will come back just like Jesus. Many people and photographers saw him in Cuba and New Zealand. We have also Michael Jackson, who talked about secret societies in a speech, his family revealed, he used to say that he is going to be killed, and verily, Michael Jackson has left us. Finally, Whitney Houston, conspiracy theorists and researchers are claiming she was killed by the Illuminati as well!
What do you think you readers? Has the music industry invaded by Illuminati? Sometimes when we see things, they do show the reality! There are also other famous singers who are said to be members.
It is up to you to believe or not…


  1. im just not going to listen to their music any more and im glad it is not lil wayne cuz he is my favorite singer

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